Camper Van Trips To Brittany

Brittany and camper vans – they simply go together to discover the authentic northwest of France free of all constraints without having to sacrifice comfort. Travelling through Brittany in a camper van offers views of magnificent landscapes and a good infrastructure without being too touristy. All in all, holidays in a camper van are a… Continue reading Camper Van Trips To Brittany

Music From Brittany: 8 Breton Songs

A traditional language, special symbols, their own festivals: the Bretons proudly look back on cultural traditions that set them apart from the rest of France. Music is an important and popular expression of Breton culture. The region’s own unique Breton songs are played at festivals, markets and on regional radio stations. What distinguishes Breton music… Continue reading Music From Brittany: 8 Breton Songs

Brittany’s Most Beautiful Islands

Around the mainland, off the coast of Brittany, lie numerous islands. Small and large, near and far, rough and mild – there is something for all nature lovers. There are about 20 islands and island groups worth mentioning in the departments of Finistère, Morbihan, Côtes-d’Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine, plus several uninhabited islets. Six of the better-known… Continue reading Brittany’s Most Beautiful Islands